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Wind on Leader

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The wind-on leader is attached to the anglers main line using a loop to loop connection. This small connection allows the angler to reel the leader through the rod guides and onto the reel. Leaders with swivels will either stop at the rod tip, requiring a leader man or in the case of small wind on swivels you run the risk of eventually nicking the rods eyes causing line failure.

The largest advantage of a Wind-on leader is that the angler can crank the fish to the side of the boat bringing the fish to the gaff without the need for a leader man. When bait fishing, the angler simply connects the wind-on directly to a swiveled or ringed hook for a stealthier presentation. The loop-to-loop connection of the Wind-on allows the angler to tailor terminal tackle to changing situations.

The hook(s) in any picture(s) are for illustration only and not included in the package.

Leader lenth is 25 feet.

Custom rigging is available, email for information

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