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SI-TEX SP-80-3 Includes Pump & Rotary Feedback - Reel Draggin' Tackle

SI-TEX SP-80-3 Includes Pump & Rotary Feedback

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Fixed-Mount Autopilot System
Cruise Control at Sea. The SP-80 takes the helm and sets you free.

For boaters who know where they're going. SP-80 takes you where you want to be--effortlessly. It's smart, precise piloting gives you the extra hand on deck you've always needed. And the operation is a snap: Simply set the course and the SP-80 takes the controls, piloting you to your destination with ease and precision. So bait the lines or simply enjoy the sunset. With the SI-TEX SP-80 Autopilot you're right on course. Hands free, and ready to really let you go.