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Reel Draggin' Tackle

Umbrella and Dredge Teaser Frames, 6-Arm

Umbrella and Dredge Teaser Frames, 6-Arm

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Stainless Spring Steel Umbrella Frames with 6-Arm 

RDTKL has tested a wide range of umbrella rigs for all kinds of different fishing conditions. We then selected a specialized small diameter umbrella rig with less drag than the large rigs and just as productive. When fishing for Striped Bass you can easily put four to six of these rigs on one of our planer board lines (other boards might not be that capable). These umbrella dredges are nine or twelve inches in diameter and have six arms made of 316 stainless spring steel with a 3.2oz lead center weight.  These umbrella rigs or umbrella dredges can be rigged with a variety of teasers, check out our offshore Sport Dredges.  We use the same frame offshore and troll these at speeds up to about 7 kts.  BB swivel and split ring are for illustration only (not included)

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