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Reel Draggin' Tackle

Hybrid DEEP Drop Fishing Rigs

Hybrid DEEP Drop Fishing Rigs

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Hybrid DEEP Drop Fishing Rigs

These hybrid Deep Drop rigs are designed for dropping in 750 to 1500 feet for very large fish. After about 600 feet there is little to no light and in our experience, 750 feet and deeper the use of lights and glow gear make a difference. These rigs are made of the highest quality components. We use Lindgren-Pitman's best mono and 3x stainless steel ultra sharp circle hooks. We rig them naked, with larger glow in the dark shell squid or we have several squid skirt options. Drop leaders have glow in the dark tube coverings & the main line crimps have glow in the dark crimp guards. When we fish these rigs, we add strip bait to all of the hooks. Mahi belly and squid work best. Compare us to any other tackle maker, you'll be glad you did.

Lindgren-Pitman Premium Mono
250# on 13/0 rigs (light blue mono)
400# on 15/0 rigs (red mono)
Water activated light
Glow beads on the main line
Glow in the dark crimp and leader guards
All of our squid skirts have blow in the dark eyes
The main line for the 1 hook rigs are 52 inches long
The main line for the 2 hook rigs are 64 inches long
The main line for the 3 hook rigs are 72 inches long
Offshore loop knot at the top for connection to your main line swivel
Dropper lines are about nine inches long
The first hook on all rigs is 12 inches from the bottom
There is about 14 inches between dropper lines
The dropper lines are connected to the main line via a sleeve swivel

52 Pound Golden Tile Fish

Angler Christian Hoehner holding a MD citation Golden Tile. This fatty was caught while fishing aboard the Canyon Draggin' on 25 July 2009. The fish was weighed in at the official scale at Sunset Marina Ocean City, Md where it tipped the scales at 47.2 pounds. Congratulations Christian on your Maryland citation Golden Tile Fish.


If you want us to rig your deep drop tackle to your lin and spacing requirements, we will be happy to meet your custom requirements. Just email us and we will work out a pricce and delivery time.

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