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Green Stick Fit-Out

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Now you have your stick installed and you are ready for tackle.  This Green Stick fit-out from RDTKL provides everything you will need to get you Green Stick fishing.

This Package includes:

1 - 300' Greenstick Main Line rigged for five droppers spaced at 50 feet apart and 100 feet of JB 400# hollow core backing.  This configuration works very well with 130 class manual reels as well as Krystal XL 621 or other electric reels reels with similar  line capacity.

1 - 50' tagline
1 - 50' Action Line
1 - 36" Emergency breakaway line (80#)
5 - rigged droppers (random colors), 9" full body squid rigged with 20 feet of 250# Linder-Pitman leader.

mainline configuration, Bird-50-'Drop-50'drop-50'drop-50'drop-50'drop-50' =300ft-100' backing


All packed in a black mesh tackle bag.  Made to order, allow two weeks to build and ship.