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Billfisher Heavy Duty Crimper HD-800 - Reel Draggin' Tackle

Billfisher Heavy Duty Crimper HD-800

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Billfisher Heavy Duty Crimper HD-800

Patented hinged-jaw crimper easily compresses the toughest leader sleeves. The hinge-jaws gives the angles substantially more leverage than standard center-pin jaw crimpers. Heat treated material will last for many years. EVA cushion grip. Three year warranty.

Floating hinge for effortless crimping leverage

Compact crimper design for easier handling

Crimps bigger sleeves with ease

Highest quality precision hand swager

Hardened steel jaws with 3 crimping positions

Crimps wire and mono from 50 lb. to 450 lb. test

Cushioned comfort handles for better grip

Coated jaws and handles for saltwater resistance

For use with aluminum or copper sleeves

At RDTKL every crimp on tackle we sell occures in our shops.  We crimp 100's of crimps a day.  Over the years we have tried many different hand crimpers.  The typical hand crimper will last us two to three months.  In 2008 we started using the HD800 crimper and never looked back.  The HD800 will last us two to three years before it starts to fail.  That means this will most likely be the average angles last hand held crimper purchase.