JC30 Break Down -By Chris Vassallo

The JC 30 and JC 20 made by Reel Draggin' Tackle are probably the easiest fishing reels around to work on. If you are all thumbs or gorilla fisted, please don’t try to work on you reels. They have a two-year warranty. Send them back to the dealer and I will probably fix it for you. If you are mechanically incline look to your right, select a repair topic and read on.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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Send me you address via email at sales@reeldraggintackle.com
I can ship you the part, or you can ship the reel to us and we will put it all back together and get you fishing again.

Capt. Ken

One of my JC20’s had become “floppy” on the rod, and quirky as I reeled it in, so I took it apart to find the problem. Turns out that the two screws holding the right spool frame to the base had backed out, loosening everything up.

It would have been a great fix, but unfortunately, one of the paired springs inside that put tension on the gear shift “sprang” away as I attempted to reassemble it, and it literally disappeared (I have looked for two days now).

I bought the reel from you here at the MSSA Solomons fishing fair in 2013. Any way I can get a replacement spring?

Cy Staniec

Cyrus Staniec

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