Greenstick Fishing -Overview

So, what is this Greenstick Fishing technique? The history traces back to Japan, before it migrated to Hawaii.  Here on the east coast of the USA Wescott & Mitgett are credited with bringing the Greenstick to our NE waters.  Midgett spent over 10 years working with Wescott to prefect the stick for North Carolina waterman.  Midgett was also the first fisherman to design a system that could be used by recreational charter boats.  The exploration and lessons learned in the development of these first systems can still be seen in some way on every stick boat.  

A recreational greenstick is usually a retractable Greenstick or multi-section fixed Greenstick from 35 to 45 feet in length.   Custom welding is required to properl secure the Greenstick to your boat.  The mainline is 250 to 400# test extra stiff mono.  At reel Draggin Tackle, we make both 250 an 400# mainlines using Linderman-Pitman Premimum monofilliment.  The mainline is usually about 300 feet in length and at the end there is a Bird that acts as both a teaser as well as an anchor designed to keep constant tension on the main line.  From the mainline there are droppers equaly spaced and at predetermined lenghts.  The drop lines should be just long enough so that they are consistantly 2 to 3 feet off the water.  With the system, there is also a Tag Line and an Action Line.  Within this Greenstick BLOG we will go over the details of each piece of equipment, the tackle and techniques of deployment and trolling the entire rig.

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