Greenstick Fishing -Tackle and Hardware

Thanks for stopping in.  This BLOG is intended to provide an open forum for both Sportfishing Charter boat Captains and Recreational boats and their crew.  Reel Draggin' Tackle provides the Greenstick BIRD and all of the mainline and tackle for this very exciting offshore fishing methodology.  These are cutting edge fishing techniques and we draw a distinct line between commercial fishing and recreational fishing.  That specific (and legaly defined) line is with respect to how you rig your drop lines.  The comercial Greenstick fishing boat deploys a mainline and four to six droppers that are physically attached to the mainline.  The mainline has a breakaway that when loaded it departs and the crew uses an electric winch to pull in one or more tuna at a time.

To legally fish a recreational Greenstick, the droppers must release from the mainine to a rod & reel that can be fought by an angler.  This BLOG will focus on the recreational methodology and not the comercial.  As we learn and explore different techniques, the Recreational Greenstick Fishing method will evolve and Reel Draggin' Tackle intends to lead the way.

The Mainline

The mainline for recreational Greenstick fishing is 300 feet of 250# to 400# monofiliment.  At Reel Draggin' Tackle we use Lindgren-Pitman Premium line, red for 400# and smoke blue for 250#.  From the reel, we start with 100 feet of Jerry Brown Hollow Core whipped to 300 feet of of either of the 250# (blue) or 400# (red) Lindgren-Pitman mono mainline.

The mainline consists of seven drop rings using stainless steel split rings spaced at 30 or 50 feet and connected to the main with brass ROMAR HEAVY DUTY SWIVELS.

These are the Drop Rings.  We use long line release snaps and rubber bands as release clips to keep within the Federal Regulations of Recreationally fishing the Greenstick.   Here is what it looks like:

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