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Salt-Away Mixer Unit for Inboard/Outboard/Jet Engine Flush (SAM)

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Salt-Away's Mixing Unit is the most popular way to dispense the Salt-Away Concentrated formula, and it is the required dispenser needed for many of Salt-Away’s applications.

Required for Outboard, I/O, PWC Jet Engine Flushes, and most Inboard Flushes.
Constructed with a 3-position valve (Off, Rinse, Salt-Away)
The receptacle holds 6 fl oz (177 ml)


The Mixing Unit connects to a garden hose for dispensing.
The Kit contains everything needed to get started using Salt-Away.
No need to purchase Mixing Unit again. Refills of 32 fl oz (946 mL) or 128 fl oz (3.79L) may be purchased.
O-ring in receptacle prevents leakage. It must be in place at all times.
The out-flow end is constructed with male threads and the handle end has female threads for easy connection to hose fittings.
The unit has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 60 psi.
The Salt-Away Mixing Unit was used in the vast majority of the testing performed in the development of Salt-Away.
Salt-Away is manufactured to be dispensed from the Mixing Unit at a ratio of 512 parts water to 1 part Salt-Away.
Our claims for the performance of Salt-Away are based on testing and the use of this product.
We recommend customers dispense Salt-Away with the Mixing Unit when the size of the project requires this type of equipment.
Tested to be safe to use on virtually all surfaces, including Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Paint, Gel Coat, Nylon, Isinglass, Vinyl, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Canvas, Concrete, Brick.

30-second engine flushes
Diving & fishing gear
Over-heating engine correction
Seaside home maintenance; A/Cs, patio furniture
Boat, trailer, brake wash
Windows, casings, awnings
Sail boat salt removal; sails, sail covers, line, hardware
Metal hinges, hardware, gates, fencing
Autos, Trucks, RVs
Exhaust Systems, Brakes
Salt Trucks, Snow Plows
Janitorial, Carpet Floors
Lawns, Foliage, Landscaping
Vehicle Wash Facility

Our customers fish some of the most challenging environments in the world in pursuit of Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo and other giants of the deep. The harsh corrosive effects of these saltwater environments can destroy your equipment without proper care.  That is why we use Salt-Away.   When properly used with the SAM Mixer it physically removes the salt from your boat and fishing tackle.  After a good rinse, spray on another layer to provide a protective coating to your equipment.  It cannot correct past salt damage, but it will remove salt crystals and help prevent any future corrosion due to salt.  It will help keep your new gear looking new year after year. Salt-Away is environmentally friendly.  It can be used at your dock, on the water, or in your driveway.  It will not kill grass, plants or marine life, it is NON-Hazmat and biodegradable.