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Stainless Steel Southern and Tuna Hooks

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Southern and Tuna Stainless Steel Hooks

Stainless Steel 8/0 hooks. Forged, chemically sharpened, knife edge.  RDTKL has spent three years with our manufacturer developing a Southern & Tuna hook that exceeds the quality standards the harsh offshore environment we fish in demands. These hooks are so good, we're putting our name on them! RDTKL® anglers demand quality, strength and effective tackle that will win the toughest battles at sea. Our customers fish some of the most challenging environments in the world in pursuit of Tuna, Marlin and other giants of the deep. These are the same fisherman who helped design and test the RDT S&T SS in the North East USA, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Australia. They were tested and retested for three years before we got them just right. When compared to the Mustad 7691 of equal size you will instantly notice the heavier Stainless Steel wire and the bigger bite. These are two critical areas where the RDT S&T SS excels well beyond the competition. Bigger bite, stronger than the competition and a modified Southern & Tuna hook style that was designed to bring your giant to the boat, that's the RDT S&T SS and its available at 1/2 the price of our competition.