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Tandem Rig Power Pack-Heavy Weight-

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Heavy Weight Tandem Rig
Power Pack
-Three Tandem Rig Pack-

When you ask a group of fisherman how they rig their Tandem Rigs you will likely discover each has his/her own way to rig their Tandems. The only right way, is the way that catches fish. Our rigging has proved to be effective on both recreational boats and charter boats. It's not fancy, just productive, here are the particulars:
- 150# Premium mono that is soft & flexible, yet provides more than enough strength
- Long line is 12 feet
- Short line is 4 feet
- Each line attaches to a 250# three way swivel
- Single hooked rigs
- All 3oz, 4oz and 6oz heads are rigged with a 6" shad.
- All 8oz, 9oz, and 12oz heads are the short lines and rigged with 9" shads.

The HEAVY WEIGHT POWER PACK consists of three of our heavy rigs designed to help you cover the deeper portion of the water column. Our POWER PACKS are great additions to our complete boat trolling spreads. Just select your favorite parachute & shad color combination and receive the heaviest jig head we have in that style. The weights to be shipped are listed with the jig head selection so you know exactly what you are going to get.

You don't have to take our word, here are just a few Charter Captains that use our tackle every day.
Muff Diver Charters, Ocean City MD
Reel Escape Charters, Cape Hatteras
Captain Tom Lemaire, Charter Boat Sea Shell on Stellwagen Bank
JJ's Rock Ocean City Md
Ken Platt on Capt'n Puggs, Maryland
Jerry Behenkin on the fishing vessel HANU
These experenced Charter Captains and Tournament winners fish with Reed Draggin' Tackle. We will be happy to provide contact information upon request or better yet or fish with ththeir charter boats and and see our gear in action!