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Parachute Jigs

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One of the most productive striped bass lure ever made. Parachute heads account for the majority of striped bass caught in Chesapeake Bay by Charter Captains. Rigged single, tandem or in an umbrella rig these lures are simply the most productive lures you can use.

RDTKL has designed a set of Parachute heads that entice aggressive strikes and draw bites from striped bass when other lures just don't work. We have worked with local Maryland Charter Captains and tackle shop owners to perfect these heads in shape, color, weight and even the eyes. Our Bay gear has been in development for the last three years. Just like our offshore tackle, we don't sell it, if we don't use it and it don't produce. We fit-out some of the most productive offshore and inshore charter captains on the eastern seaboard and we have no interest, time or space to stock tackle that don't work. It won't be long before the big rock fish are working their way down the coast and up our bays! Take advantage of these savings and stock up now.