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On The Fly Kit

On The Fly Kit

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The Survival Medical On The Fly Kit might be the coolest little first aid kit around. This super compact incredibly lightweight kit was made for the fisherfolk. Its small enough to fit in the pocket of your fly fishing vest, tackle box, or in your pocket! Designed to aid in the first aid treatment of minor cuts and hook related injuries that tend to happen when chasing elusive fish.This kit like all of the Survival Medical products, is completely sealed and waterproof, as well as packaged for long term viability. So if it sits in your tackle box for a long time, it will still be viable when the day comes that you need it.6 - Wound Closure Strips, 1 - Tweezer, 1 - 1"" Paper Tap, 1 - 2"" Gauze, 3 - Bite and Sting Relief Wipes, 4 - Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads, 2 - Alcohol Prep Pads, 4 - Medium-Sized Adhesive Bandages, 2 - 3"" Non-Adherent Pads, 2 - .9g Packets Triple Antibiotic Ointment