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MOJO 4 Channel Decoy Boss

MOJO 4 Channel Decoy Boss

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MOJO 4 Channel Decoy Boss
Manufacture ID: HW2314

The Decoy Boss is an innovative, multi-channel DC Converter that allows the hunter not only to operate multiple battery powered decoys and devices from one 12-volt marine battery (not included) but to also adjust the speed and turn on and off.

No more remotes. No more charging individual batteries.

Includes 4 separate channels capable of operating multiple decoys per channel by use of Expander Modules.

Decoy Boss Master Controller Provides:

- Master Switch to turn entire unit on/off
- Running light for master unit
- Master switch to turn each channel on/off
- Running Lights for each channel
- Adjustment setting for:
- Time Off
- Run Time
- Speed

Replaces need for remote control, on/off timers, individual batteries!

Expander Module provides for operation - up to four (4) separate units.

Comes complete with:
- (1) 4-Channel Decoy Boss
- (2) 55' 16 gauge wire sets
- (1) Expander Module and
- (2) 15' 18 gauge wire sets for use with Expander Module

Can operate devices from the Mallard Machine to any of the SW Decoys to Flyway Feeder or any device of 12 volts or less.