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9-Line Light Weight Spread for Trophy Striped Bass

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Umbrella Rigs, two 3oz & one 6oz
Daisy Chains, four 3oz & two 6oz

Now we are trolling some lines. When you get to nine lines in a spread you introduce lots of options. A first consideration is line handling  For our purposes we will assume at this point you plan to make use of planer boards. You will significantly increase your hook ups by putting out more lines and using planer boards to get your lines as far away from the boat as is safe. 
With nine lines we keep the spread limited to Daisy Chains off the boards and Umbrella rigs off the transom and down the middle. Remember, with Daisy Chains you have lots of small bait balls working in your spread. We vary the weights so that you have heavy chains to run close to the boat and deep, while the lighter chains are run closer to your planer boards and further back, working the upper part of the water column. With nine lines you are able to cover all depths, further enhancing your opportunity to hook up. 
The line lengths listed here are a good place to start. Exact line length will change with type of boat and sea conditions. You will have to experiment to determine what works best. What's important is that when a line gets hit, you can put another one back out at the exact distance and depth. This is where our Line Counter Bay Trolling reels come in handy. If you don't have a line counter reel, you will have to come up with a method like counting the number of times the bar on a level wind moves across the reel, or mark your line every 25 feet. No matter what method you choose, you will need a notepad to keep it all straight!