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JC Trolling Line Counter Reels

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RDTKL has selected a limited number of fishing reels that have proven to be cost effective and high quality. The JC 20 & 30 are hard core Bay Trolling reels designed to pull 6" & 9" shad & parachute tandem rigs, spoons and umbrella rigs. We routinely pull our 9" six arm umbrella rigs weighted with 12oz to 28oz of lead with the JC30 and our matching 20-40# Bay troller rod. The JC20 is pulled out in the summer and is perfectly matched with the 12-18# Bay Troller rod for these smaller striped bass. Our test reels were packed with 300 yds of 100# spectra and we had plenty of room for more. We back our reels with a TWO YEAR warrantee because these reels were built to last. Be sure to look at our break down pictures.

Customer Feedback about RDTKLs JC30 fishing reel.

The JC30 includes a reel seat clamp. The JC20 does not, you can purchase the reel seat clamp here.