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Green Stick Droppers

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Green Stick Droppers consist of full body squid with a one oz weight inserted into the body of the squid.  The drop leaders are 26 feet long.  These are designed to clip into some form of a release clip at the height required for your boat.  The approximate drop lengths are:

Drop 1 - four feet

Drop 2- eight feet

Drop 3 - Twelve feet

Drop 4 - Sixteen Feet

Drop 5 - Twenty feet
Our 350 foot main line consists of five drop positions.  While most small boats only deploy two or three drops, having five positions allow flexibility so you can fine tune your bird and drop positions to the current water and weather conditions. 

These drop heights are approximate and a good place to start.  On your first Green Stick deployment your should be prepared to adjust and mark your lines as required.  Please note, that changing sea conditions will require a change in your drop positions as more or less drag that is placed on the bird may change the distance between the water and the squid. 

All RDTKL Droppers are rigged with a 250# mono leader and a large 3x 10/0 Southern & Tuna Stainless Steel knifed edge hook.