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Daisy Chain Power Pack-LIGHT WEIGHT

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Daisy Chain Power Pack
Three Light Weight Daisy Chain Rigs

Are you looking for the best bait for striped bass fishing? Or a striped bass trolling lure without the drag of a striped bass umbrella rig? If your answer is yes, you need to check out the Sassy Shad Daisychain made by Capt. Ken Lahr from RDTKL. Using our inline hook swivels results in the best lure for striped bass on the market. What makes our striped bass daisy chain so special? We start with high quality shads made right here in the USA. One of the reasons the umbrella rig is so effective is that they use Shad swimbaits, not lead head sea witches teasers. Next, is the Daisy Chain inline hook Swivel we use to attach the shad to the main line. We specifically had this swivel made for us, there is no swivel like it on the market. The swivel allows the shad to produce life like swim action, not flipping upside down or spinning like some other daisy chains you may have seen or used. Lastly, we attach one of the most productive striped bass lure ever made to the end of the daisy chain as a stinger, the Parachute Jig head. This striped bass trolling lure has accounted for the majority of striped bass caught in Chesapeake Bay by both Charter Captains and recreational anglers.


RDTKL Daisy Chains are tested and proven effective by both professional fisherman and recreational fisherman. We solicited input from professional mates and commercial captains and recreational fisherman who ply the waters from Florida to Maine. We incorporated their recommendations and the result is effective, efficient and productive offshore tackle that you can count on, offered at a great price.

RDTKL Daisy Chain Rig
52" Premium 100# Mono
Three 6 inch teasers
Rigged with heavy premium Mono, made to take
trophy Striped Bass that typically weigh 30 to 50 pounds.
The LIGHT WEIGHT POWER PACK consists of three of our light weight rigs designed to help you cover the upper portion of the water column. Our POWER PACKS are great additions to our complete boat trolling spreads. Just select your favorite parachute & shad color combination and receive the heaviest jig head we have in that style. The weights to be shipped are listed with the jig head selection so you know exactly what you are going to get.


- All 3oz, 4oz and 6oz heads are rigged with a 6" shad.
- All 8oz, 9oz, and 12oz heads are the short lines and rigged with 9" shads.

You don't have to take our word, here are just a few Charter Captains that use our tackle every day.

Muff Diver Charters, Ocean City MD
Reel Escape Charters, Cape Hatteras
Captain Tom Lemaire, Charter Boat Sea Shell on Stellwagen Bank
JJ's Rock Ocean City Md
Ken Platt on Capt'n Puggs, Maryland
Jerry Behenkin on the fishing vessel HANU

These experienced Charter Captains and Tournament winners fish with Reed Draggin' Tackle. We will be happy to provide contact information upon request or better yet, charter their boats and and see our gear in action!