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Bullet Sport Dredge

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RDTKL Sport Dredges are tested and proven effective by both professional fisherman and recreational fisherman.  We solicited input from professional mates and commercial captains and recreational fisherman who ply the waters from Florida to Maine.  We incorporated their recommendations and the result is effective, efficient and productive offshore tackle that you can count on, offered at a great price.
The RDTKL Sport Dredge is a 9 " diameter heavy duty six arm umbrella rig. It is fitted with six teaser lines on the tips. Each teaser line is 10 inches long and fitted with 4" a 5 inch bullet head style lure. The center line is also sixteen inches of 150# premium monofilament line and fitted with matching artificial baits. The last bait in this line has a 250# coast lock swivel for connecting your stinger of choice, or simply run it as a teaser. Each kit comes with a matching stinger.
The Sport Dredge was designed to be pulled as a hooked bait. The small diameter dredge and light weight squid make these excellent choices to run from the corner positions. To be successful on deep blue fin, you have to get the rig deep. Slow trolling at 2 to 3Kts, lowering the dredges down to below 100 feet is very effective. Ya need to get the dredge down to the fish. Don't hesitate to pull the boat out of gear as you go over the fish. If you don't hook up, slowly increase speed to 3 kts. This causes the dredge to race for the surface, which can draw some very hard strikes.
Experienced Charter Captains and Tournament winners fish with Reed Draggin' Tackle. 
- Six arm nine inch diameter dredge
- Stainless Steel - 250# center ring
- Six 5 inch bullet teasers
- Detachable hook bait.