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Clipper Yacht Repeater Display only - Reel Draggin' Tackle

Clipper Yacht Repeater Display only

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Yacht Repeater Display Only
A large display, mast mounted, multifunction repeater.

The weatherproof repeater with its 60mm high numerals. There are nine levels of red back lighting which permit easy night viewing of red characters on a black background. The overall case size is 211mm wide x 140mm high.

Display screens shown:

  • Speed Over Ground
  • Course Over Ground
  • Boat Speed
  • Bearing to Waypoint
  • Compass Heading
  • Velocity Made Good
  • Water Temperature
  • True Wind Speed
  • True Wind Angle
  • Apparent Wind Speed
  • Apparent Wind Angle
  • Cross Track Error
  • Depth Meters/Depth Feet