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Camera Candy Liquid - Corn - Reel Draggin' Tackle

Camera Candy Liquid - Corn

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Camera Candy Liquid - Corn
Manufacture ID: MFS-13085

Moultrie's Camera Candy formulas are designed to draw deer in and hold them there for the perfect shot. Corn Craze helps you attract trophy bucks and keep them coming back for days with premium ingredients infused with delicious corn flavoring—a deadly whitetail attractant. Establish a pattern of repeat visits by pouring Corn Craze on food sources, trails or directly on the ground, and let its fresh-shucked corn taste create a hot zone of frenzied feeding activity.


- Packed with the intense, irresistible aroma of fresh-shucked corn
- Specially formulated to attract whitetails and encourage repeat visits
- Intensifies feeding activity at established and newly created feed sites
- Extra-large 1-gallon size—pour liberally on food sources, trails or the ground