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13-Line Canyon SQUID BIRD Spread

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13-Line Canyon SQUID BIRD Spread
Big Game Canyon Trolling Spreads

13-line Spread includes:

LONG RIGGER ...................Two 32" Spreader BIRD Bar (rigged with 7.5" squid) 
SHORT RIGGER .................Two 16" Spreader BIRD bar (rigged with 7.5 "squid)
SHORT LINES .....................Two Tuna Slammer Chick Bird (9") Daisy Chains
CENTER...............................One Chick Bird (9") center line Daisy chain 
LONG FLATS.......................Two squid BIRD Daisy Chains (rigged with 5" skirt squid)
SHORT FLATS.....................Two Ballyhoo JET Head rigs (200s7 lure)
DEEP LINE 1........................Squid Dredge
DEEP LINE 2........................Squid Dredge 
All packed in several mesh tackle bag

Don't be intimidated by big spreads. Get to know your boat and crew and you will know when and how you can handle these large spreads. Why bother? Its about presenting as big a bait pattern as possible. These spreads are for the days that you can't buy a bite, you have to pull out all the tricks in the box. One of the biggest disadvantages that the small boater (23 to 28 feet) has is its ability to present a truly large footprint like the big guys. Yellow fin in particular are drawn to the large fishing boats. They present a large footprint and while they may not have 13 lines out (some will to be sure), they have the ability to cover more area. The typical 46 to 55 foot sport fisherman has 22 foot or larger triple rigged outriggers and a 14 foot beam. This is a spread that we designed for smaller boats to be able to present a very large bait pattern and compete with those sport fisherman. While this is a big spread, it can be effectively pulled on boats from 23 to 32 feet. This spread has been pulled many many times with an experienced crew on a Grady White Gulfstream (23 feet long, 9'3" beam). It takes a good crew to manage, but when its out there and you are hunting for tuna, you make a big bait pattern in the water. The trick on smaller boats is to get these spreads in the water when you are on the hunt. Once you find the fish and you are into them, you don't have to put all of the lines back out, shift down to a 7 or 9 line spread consisting of what is being hit the most. Keep those Wahoo in mind they LOVE those deep lines! If they are out there you will need to switch your stingers from mono to wire.

Keep the spread tight. This is the standard configuration for Yellow and Long Fin tuna. The Long Riggers are about 6 to 8 wakes back, and everything else keys off them. Keep the spread tight. If the tuna are boat shy, send the Entire SPREAD back, not just one or two lines. Remember, the spread is designed to draw multiple bites, break it up and your likely to get single bites if any at all. It takes the whole spread to draw the attention of an entire school. This is how you get four to six lines down, and it could be your only shot all day.
NEAT TRICK: Out riggers not tipple rigged? Can't get that extra flat line off the corner? CLICK HERE to see the clip what we use to get these extra lines into the spread. They are an efficient, effective low cost solution to adding lines to the spread.
This spread contains RDTKL Spreader Bars, tested and proven effective, designed and used professional fisherman.

Small Diameter, light weight stainless spring steel  spreader bars
Spreader Bar Teasers rigged with 36" of Premium 150# line
Spreader Bar Center line rigged with 36" Premium 150# line, 72 inches with the stinger attached
Spreader Bar Detachable stinger rigged on 36" with Premium 150# line
Daisy chains are rigged with 36" of Premium 150# line and include a detachable stinger that is an additional 36" long.  Total length is 72".
All stingers are rigged with an RDTKL Southern & Tuna Stainless Steel 2x 8/0 hook
All monofilament is premium 150# line.
Made in the USA 316 Stainless Spring Steel, diameter and length perfectly matched for the baits we rig.  The Raw Bar is specifically made to order for us by a steel factory right here in the USA and we build the rest of it in our shop.  These bars are NOT made by anyone else.
All of the squids are foam filled.  The entire body is firm and holds its shape.  We do not use undersized floats.  Each squid is foam filled right in our shop.
RDTKL has been making Spreader Bars for many Charter Captains for years.  Our methods, hardware and bar design has been vigorously tested and continues to be tested day after day.
You don't have to take our word, here are just a few Charter Captains that use our tackle every day. 
Muff Diver Charters, Ocean City MD
Reel Escape Charters, Cape Hatteras
Captain Tom Lemaire, Charter Boat Sea Shell on Stellwagen Bank
JJ's Rock Ocean City Md
Hanu Sportfishing
Capt Puggs Sport fishing
We be happy to provide contact information upon request or better yet or fish with them and see our gear in action!