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Canyon Draggin Fish Report -15/16 July

The Canyon Draggin left Ocean City at 10:30 Tuesday morning with Matt Williams and JohnnyO pointing the bow for the Washington Canyon. We stopped along the way to catch dinner and iced three 20 to 25 pound Blue Line Tile fish and about a dozen Mahi Mahi. That task complete we set up for a late afternoon troll. We were rigged for Big Eye and went looking with the rest of the fleet along the west wall. No bites for us and we set up for the night right in line with the rest of the fleet. It was non-stop action and we filled the box with nine yellow fin from 30 to 50 pounds. We chunked with light tackle and light leaders which made it a lot of fun. Last keeper tuna came off a jig by JohnnyO. In the morning we resumed the hunt for big eye and again no joy for us. Several were caught, but the boat traffic was crazy. There were at least four NY boats and several NJ boats out there with us including both Canyon Runner boats.

Even though the Big Eye eluded us, we came home with a full kill box, including three of the biggest Blue Line Tiles we have caught on the Canyon Draggin'.