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About Reel Draggin' Tackle

        Reel Draggin' Tackle® anglers demand quality, strength and effective tackle that will win the toughest battles at sea. Our customers fish some of the most challenging environments in the world in pursuit of Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo and other giants of the deep. These are the same fisherman who helped design and test all of our saltwater tackle in the North East USA, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Australia. Anglers in the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay and along the coast from Maine to North Carolina helped us design our Striped Bass tackle. The depth of their experience and time on the water has ensured our tackle performs above expectations. Quality saltwater and freshwater fishing tackle designed to bring your trophy to the boat, that is what Reel Draggin’ Tackle®, LLC is all about.
Reel Draggin’ Tackle® has designed saltwater reels and saltwater rods that stand the test of time. Our saltwater lures consistently bring in the big fish. We test everything we make and sell, if it don’t catch fish we don’t sell it. We have recently added a Spectra fishing line that has the strength and quality to bring the biggest trophy to the boat. Our inventory has been expanded to include fishing tools, boat equipment, fighting belts, tackle bags of all sizes, downrigger gear and Salt-Away. We added a few extra’s like T-Shirts, coffee mugs, hats and other items to help you brag on us. We designed our own Striped Bass trolling reels and Live Line Reels while at the same time we recognize some anglers will want brand names like Penn Reels and Shimano. To match the varied fishing our angler do, we designed a series of RDTKL Custom Rods that meet the needs of Striped bass fishing, Tuna fishing, Marlin fishing, Wahoo fishing or pitching to Mahi Mahi. Our lighter Custom rods have also met the needs of Salmon, Lake Trout, and fresh water Striped Bass fisherman across the country.
We make nearly all of our own trolling
lures. Reel Draggin’ Tackle®, LLC owns over 1000 saltwater and freshwater lure molds. Our Spreader Bars, Daisy Chains and other rigged lures are done right in our shop. If you have custom rigging requirements, all you have to do is shoot us an EMAIL, and we’ll meet whatever your needs are. Our rigging is top notch. We use the best crimps, very high quality hardware and monofilament. Our Striped Bass tackle includes; Sassy Shads in chartreuse, white, purple and Electric Glow Green (our original color), Parachute Rigs in the most effective styles and colors Daisy Chains, Umbrella Rigs, Tandem Rigs, Mackerel Rigs. Our offshore tackle includes; Spreader Bars, Dredges, Daisy Chains, Soft Body Squid, Blue Bally Hoo, Teaser Birds, Deep Rigs & Jigs, Slammers, Draggin' Slayer Jets, Chuggers, Hard Heads, Bullets, Custom Rigs, RDTKL Sea Witches and more. Our hardware inventory was selected specifically to meet your needs; Hooks, Re-Rigging Kits, Rigging Tools, Spreader Bar, Release Clips, Leader & Line, Safety Snaps, Coast Lock Snaps, Swivels, Rigging Foam, Crimps and Rigging Beads. Over the last two years we began offering complete boat packages targeting specific species of fish like Striped Bass, Tuna and Marlin. We will also fully customize your spread in any way you want. We have designed and provided complete fit-outs for new anglers and helped them expand in following years. Our customers realize we offer quality fishing tackle at prices that cannot be matched anywhere and they keep coming back. If you are a new customer, welcome aboard. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to EMAIL us. For our repeat customers, I personally thank you. Cheers and good fishing, Capt. Ken Reel Draggin’ Tackle®, LLC –Quality Tackle, at the right price.
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