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Puggs Rig

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The PUGGS RIG was initially made to be slow trolled under the surface for striped bass.   During testing we discovered that this rig swims great from 1 to 8 KTS.  Each rig has six inch teasers on each end with a 9 inch teaser in the middle.  The hook bait swims just below and about 1 foot or more behind the teasers depending on the leader length.  Our  leaders are made from 100# premium small diameter mono. Check out the under water video. A 250# Duo lock snap allows the angler to easily change out hooked baits such as going from heavy weight parachutes to lighter weight parachutes in the late spring and early summer. You can purchase additional  ready to snap on rigs  below.  The snap also allows angles to daisy chain the PUGGS RIG together.  A daisy cain of three PUGGS RIGs followed by a hooked bait was the hot go-to rig on one of our test runs.

To purchase, add the basic PUGGS RIG (above) without the hooked bait to your shopping cart.  Then select the stinger options you want.  These items are independently priced.  The PUGGS RIG is designed so that you can exchange the hooked bait any time.  This makes it easy to ensure your multiple rigs can be deployed to cover the water column.