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Shared Catch Charters

Shared Catch Charters

The Canyon Draggin' is running shared catch charters.  We typically have three open seats every trip we run.  The reduced cost for these trips is $250.  The fish cleaning and boat & tackle cleaning are all shared responsibilities.  A shared catch means that the Anglers cost is reduced because they agree to share the catch, fish cleaning and boat & tackle cleaning responsibilities, tips are not expected.  There are two options for fish cleaning, we can clean the fish ourselves or we cart it over to Sunset and split the cost of having the fish cleaned for us.  While the fish is being cleaned, everyone else turns too and helps clean the boat and tackle.  

Fishing the Canyon Draggin' on a Shared Catch Charter is an all hands event. Everyone pitches in, baiting ballyhoo, chopping chunks or putting out lines.  We run hard and fish hard pulling lines around 2:30 pm and getting back to the dock by 5pm.  You can be sure that we will do everything possible to put meat on ice.  This includes shark fishing, deep dropping or short dropping for Sea Bass.  There are a few wrecks in the deep and we have been known to fish these wrecks for Tile Fish, Sea Bass and Wreck fish on slow days as well as working over the pots for Mahi.  The day is not over until the fish, boat and tackle are cleaned and properly stowed. The Canyon Draggin' and trailer have a fully equipped fresh water wash down system and fish cleaning station. This allows us to completely wash the boat down, flush motors and clean fish immediately upon return. In general, we get back to the dock between 4 and 5pm depending on where we have been fishing. The Captain expects everyone to understand that cleaning the boat and fish is an all hands effort; taking the ride means you agree to man the mop or belly up to the cutting table at the end of the day. When we depart/return from Ocean City, anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the Sunset Marina fish cleaning facility at a shared expense vice cleaning the fish our selves. 

Charters are booked by the seat. No need for you to scramble to find enough anglers to fill the boat, we can manage that. We offer a limited numbers of trips a year at a great price so these seats fill fast, reserve your seat today by making a full payment through advanced booking on this web page.

If you are interested in booking a full charter, the rate is $1200 for a full day of fishing. There will be a mate on board these trips working for a 20% tip.  The number of anglers is limited to four.  Please email me for more details or to coordinate a date,


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