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Parachute Jig Tandem Rigs

Parachute Tandem Rigs

Reel Draggin' Tackle Quality Where It Counts!
Reel Draggin' Tackle has designed a set of Tandem Rigs using our very productive Parachute Heads that will enhance your presentation of a big bait pattern. The success of planer boards is realized because of the presentation of more bait and further from the boat. No matter where you fish, lakes, bays, in shore or offshore a key parameter to success is the presentation of more bait. Our Tandem Rigs were designed with that in mind.
Tandem Rigging
When you ask a group of fisherman how they rig their Tandem Rigs you will likely discover each has his/her own way to rig their Tandems. The only right way, is they way that catches. Our rigging has proved to be effective on both recreational boats as well as charter boats. It's not fancy, just productive, here are the particulars:
- 150# Premium mono that is soft & flexible, yet provides more than enough strength
- Long line is 12 feet
- Short line is 4.5 feet
- Each line attaches to a 250# three way swivel
- Single hooked rigs
- All 3oz, 4oz and 6oz heads are rigged with a 6" shad.
- All 8oz, 9oz, and 12oz heads are the short lines and rigged with 9" shads.