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Saltwater fish, whether in the mangroves or way off shore, are bigger, faster and stronger than freshwater species, which means they test line in ways those species don’t. Cortland Super Braid features tight weaves and minimal stretch for superior sensitivity and sheer fighting strength. It includes high-tech treatments like FiberTech™, which penetrates the braid fibers to stiffen and improve handling characteristics. Braided saltwater line from Cortland works as hard to land fish as you do.
All Cortland braid, from the splice able C-16 to untreated Dacron, is braided in our factory in Cortland, New York, just as it has been for decades. Braiding our own line ensures absolute quality control, fiber by fiber, weave by weave. The result is a better spooling, tying, fishing line. Braid comes in a variety of weaves, colors, diameters and strengths for the variety of conditions and species found in saltwater.