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Deep Drop Gear

Deep Drop fishing Gear

It's a very different way of fishing. For those who take time to master the techniques, find their own hot spots, it can be a most rewarding day on the water. Having the right gear aboard and armed with a little knowledge, deep dropping for Blue Line or Golden Tile Fish can top off a great day of tuna fishing, or save the day when you can't buy a bite. Being successfull offshore requires that you develop the ability to change up your game plan and switch to another species if your primary target fails to show. Deep dropping for bottom fish meets those requirements. It also helps that Tile Fish is one of the best table fish in the ocean. If you can find it at a market, you will be astonished at the high price. After five years of deep dropping and trying new gear or modifying old gear, Reel Draggin' Tackle teamed with Reel Winch to provide us with an extreemly effective, durable and efficient electric motor to connect to the Diawa Sealine-H 600 and 900 reels, matched with a Custome RDTKL Deep Drop Bent Butt light action rod. This outfit has proven to be cost effective and durable while exceeding the requirements for a Tile Fish outfit. You can spend more, but this is all you need for these bottom dwellers.