Bent Butt Rods

Custom Bent Butt Rods


Capt. Ken Lahr

Reel Draggin' Tackle

- Aluminum reel seats

- Gimbal base

- Enlarged eye for wind-on-knots

- 5'6" length

- Single piece construction

- All aluminum bent handle, short

Reel Draggin' Tackle has designed a limited range of fishing rods that have proven to be cost effective and high quality. These Bay Trollers and Canyon Sticks were designed to fish the the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and North East Canyons for large game fish. We have specifically designed these rods to match our reels for the varied fishing these areas offer.

Glass and carbon mix for light weight and super strength to ensure your trophy gets to the boat. Designed specifically for trolling the N.E. Canyons for Tuna & Marlin, this is our offshore trolling rod of choice.

This Bent Butt Rod is the perfect rod for your transom flat lines or deep drop rods when fishing for large game fish. If you are running daisy chains, bird teasers or Marlin Teasers from your transom or corner rods, this is the rod you need. These rods get the job done.